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Support FAQ

The emailed verification link I received doesn’t work

If clicking or copying & pasting the link into your browser doesn’t work, it’s possible that the link has expired.  If the email is more than 2 days old, please click here for a fresh email.

I found a typo or a broken link

Thanks for helping us keep the website correct and up to date.  Please email us the details of the problem, including the url of the relevant page.  But first, please check that you are not referring to one of your personal notes or toolbox items! 

I cannot access modules RiTE even though I have completed module B

Firstly, go to My Progress and check that you can see ticks against all of the items in module B.  If this is the case, then please try re-visiting the Module B resources.  The system will then check your progress again and assign access to the remaining modules.  This can sometimes happen if you visit the Resources before finishing Module B. 

I didn’t receive my verification email

Please check your junk mail.   The email is sent from [email protected]. If you can't find it, then it's possible that your email was mis-spelled during registration (this is very common), so please try registering again.  If this doesn't work, you may request a new verification email here.

I am unable to proceed as ‘R’ is saying I have not completed the ‘...’ section

If you've read through the tips very quickly the system may not have recorded your visit.  You may notice that one or more of the tips are not coloured blue (visited). The solution is to go back to the section in question and refresh the page (try a hard refresh - Ctrl-F5).  

I need to change my email address

This is not officially supported, however we can make the change for you if you email us with the details of your existing email address and the email address you wish to change to.  Please allow up to a week for us to make this change.

I have another question

Please email us.

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