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About the program

The aim of the BRiTE program is to help pre-service teachers build their awareness of the skills and practices that will help facilitate resilience in their teaching career.

The program contains 5 online interactive learning modules designed for pre-service teachers. Informed by an extensive review of the teacher resilience literature and empirical research, the modules address the following:

  • Building resilience: What is resilience and why is it important for teachers?
  • Relationships: Building and maintaining relationships
  • Wellbeing: Self-care, motivation and managing work life balance
  • Taking initiative: Building a resilient classroom, reflection and ongoing learning
  • Emotions: Emotional awareness, management and optimism

Each module contains a self-reflection quiz, information about skills and strategies, tips, videos, scenarios where skills can be applied, a ‘what do the experts say’ section (summarising latest research) and connections to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the graduate level. Furthermore, the BRiTE modules are personalised, so users can build their own toolkit, record their learning, ‘pin’ items for future reference and download their own personal plan.

BRiTE (Building Resilience in Teacher Education) is a two-year project funded by the Office of Learning and Teaching, Australia, and builds on the previous project, Keeping Cool (Mansfield, Price, McConney, Beltman, Pellicionne & Wosnitza, 2012).

For Teacher Educators

Check out the dedicated resource page for Teacher Educators containing:

  • Implementation Guidelines
  • A Quick Reference Guide with links to APST, ACARA & EYLF
  • a guide to embedding the BRiTE widget into your LMS or website

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