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Using BRiTE in teacher education

How can the modules be used in teacher education programs?

There are a range of ways BRiTE can be used in teacher education programs and the online format provides the flexibility to link modules to read more...particular units, or professional experience placements. The implementation guidelines give an overview of the modules and how they may be used. For a more detailed overview of each module see the Quick Reference Guide. Each of the modules is connected to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, The Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Where can I find specific examples of promoting resilience in teacher education programs?

The Staying BRiTE team is a collaborative network of 14 teacher educators from 6 Australian universities, committed to developing curriculum to support development of resilience read more... for teachers. Each university team is embedding resilience skills and strategies in their teacher education programs and developing contextually responsive curriculum and resources. View our authentic cases to see our approaches.

What learning experiences do the modules provide?

As they complete the modules, students will engage in a range of learning experiences such as - read more...

  • self-reflection through quizzes and key questions, 
  • watching videos to illustrate key ideas and hear teachers talk about their own practice
  • Exploring scenarios 
  • Read information from experts in the field
  • Create their own personal toolkit of resilience tips and strategies.

Can I use the modules in workshops?

Yes, material from the modules can be used in workshops to stimulate discussion, highlight particular strategies and explore scenarios. An online read more...module may be required as an activity prior to a workshop or as a follow up learning activity.

Can I use the modules during professional experience placements?

Yes, the experience of being in a classroom and managing the role of teacher can often require resources for resilience. The first placement read a program might be a good time for students to engage with the ‘R module: Relationships', whereas in a final placement the ‘i: Wellbeing' module might be useful. 

Can I use the modules for assessment?

The modules provide a range of resources to support resilience and students may engage in a variety of ways with the content depending on read more...their own life experiences. Assessment tasks could be developed for example using the ‘ask the experts’ sections as a starting point for researching an aspect of resilience. 

If I set modules as learning tasks, how will I know the students have completed them?

As students work their way through the modules, their responses to activities and items they pin will go into their personal toolkit. Although the read more...toolkit can be downloaded, it is intended for the student’s personal use, not for submission to tutors, or assessment. Students could show evidence of their learning by completing a reflection on what they learnt in the module. 

Can the modules be used in student portfolios?

Yes, when students have completed all modules, they will receive a certificate of completion that they can include in their portfolio. 

How long does it take students to complete a module?

In our trials, users indicated that it takes about an hour for each module. 

Do the modules need to be done in a particular order?

Users should start with the ‘B: Building Resilience’ module so as to have an understanding of what resilience is and what it means for teachers. read more...After this module users can choose the next module they wish to engage with. The self-quiz at the beginning of each module, provides a personal learning plan to guide students through each module. 

Can users revisit the modules and amend their responses at a later time?

Yes, users  can return to each of the Modules and make revisions to their responses or pin additional items to their noticeboard. This may be used as a reflection exercise.

Can users interrupt completion of a module and return to complete it?

Yes…. Users can complete as much or as little as they wish each time they log-in. 

Is there a set time for the user to access the modules?

There is no set time frame to complete the modules and we do hope that students will revisit them at different times. 


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