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BRiTE: Building Resilience in Teacher Education

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Thank you for accessing the BRiTE modules. These modules were developed by teacher educators at three Australian universities through a project funded by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

In order to continually update and refine the modules, and better meet the needs of users, we are collecting data from BRiTE.   As a user, you should be aware that all data is being collected by BRiTE and will be subject to a data analytics process. Any data collected by the BRiTE website may be used for research purposes. Data used for research and/or publication will be de-identified, meaning that users cannot be identified by data provided. 

We would also like to send you very occasional notification of new resources available and BRiTE reminders, and these will be automated and sent to the email address you provide on registration. You may unsubscribe from these at any time.  

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In order to help us continually update and refine materials  to better meet the needs of users, please provide the following general information when you register for your account. 

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This study has been approved by the Murdoch University Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval 2014/035). If you have any reservation or complaint about the ethical conduct of this research, and wish to talk with an independent person, you may contact Murdoch University’s Research Ethics Office (Tel. 08 9360 6677 (for overseas studies, +61 8 9360 6677) or email [email protected]). Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and investigated fully, and you will be informed of the outcome.

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